Geekshock March, 14th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #135 - Tongue and Whisper



Take a good look into your mirrored ceiling and look deep into your geeked out soul. This week my cause some serious introspection as we talk about John Carter, George Reith, Michael’s Pail Kids, Porkin’ Donuts, SW:TO Freepublic, Mammoth Park, Chronicle(s), Peter Molyneux, the Dark Tower returns, Braveheart 227, suicidal time-travelers, Diablo plays nice, 3DS FTW, Marvel Super-comics, the Running of the Rascals, the return of the Griswalds, Ultimate Marvel Marathon, Drone-o-cop, Double Fine’s Adventure, and The Tongue and The Whisper. SO get ready to share that big bed with a Patchie and a little Geek Shock.


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  • vlarg says

    I will probably not be playing Star Wars: The Old Republic due to the exact reasons that Jeff gave on the show. It’s too time consuming. I have a responsibility to explore this town that I’ve been failing at miserably, and if I commit any free time to SWTOR, I’ll have zero time to go out of the house.

    And fuck you; my wine rack is sweet.

  • Lewis says

    Don’t bother Dr Vlarg, I just canceled SWTOR today. It turned into a giant grind fest at the end.

    Diablo 3 is my next game to look forward to (I write this as I am in a WoW 10 man raid by the way).