Geekshock March, 7th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #134 - ATM Cupcake


Rango, FTW. WTF. Geek Shock is back and that is where you will find the wonderful cupcakes directly from the Famous Paul. Beware of strange machines that offer goodness/badness. Also look out for New Pac-Man cartoons, Revolution’s Creed, Mass Effect 3, Nosy job offers, Harry Pottbox, Rango, 99 Stories, Outerra, Ultimate Tak Ball, Bender FTW, Cupcake ATM (God Help Us), auto-corrects, fights on Boardwalk, McRibster, Balder’s Gate (?), Kim Fields, NASA, and meth/comics addiction. So scratch that scratch-n-sniff sticker. It’s time for Geek Shock!

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