Geekshock November, 9th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #118 - Two Stroke Pump

This is the week we lose Torgo to Skyrim so we’d better get the geek news while the gettin’s good like the shell game, ArKay, the Italian Gelpen, mondo Whopper, flying the boobie skies, Oz 2.0, crap movies, the amazing Serkis, more Horror Story, NYC tunnels, up your DC, Modern Warfare 3, Lego my Lego Universe, Rockband 4, DC U free, Segel’s Goonie Labyrinth, Rose Madder, Harold & Kumar, plus Balloons. Will Barry succumb to Torgo’s plea for Warhammer? Will Deb assist in the nefarious scheme? Will Just Michael survive the shampoo condom prank? Will 80’s Jeff ever finish a story? Tune in to find out!


If you like the Skyrim Rap in the background, it is by Dan Hill and can be found at his Youtube channel or click here.


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