Geekshock October, 11th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #115 - Sausage Wallet

For all the great news we had last week, we have an equal amount of S**ty news this week. But we will make it through, true believer. Not only do we cover the week in geek but our old pal returns for another edition of “Ask Chain-y”. You asked for it. Dammit.

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  • Steven Biggs says

    OMG! “Mumm-Ra sounds like Cheney with a dick in his mouth.” Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-haaaahhhh!

  • Dick Cheney says

    So, I see…you got your little puppet show taking, uh, swipes at me again. “Mumm-Ra sounds like Cheney with a dick in his mouth.” Very funny, very fucking funny. Y’know, when I was working for the Best God Damn President of the US of A, Ronald fucking Reagan, he used to wander confused into my office now and again, with the “Little Gipper” hanging out of his pants, more or less erect. I’m guessing my boyish figure (at the time) musta reminded him of Nancy or Errol Flynn…And you know what you god damn heathen communists? You’re god damn right I sucked him off, the whole shaft, juggled the balls too, and there wasn’t a god damn gay thing about it!!!
    Now, I guess to a bunch of pantywaist mamma boys like you ‘tards, that’s gay. I wouldn’t expect god damn liberal pukes to even begin to fucking understand words like “honor” or “respect”, but let say this: When the God Emperor of Man pulls his cock out in front of you, you drop to your god damn knees and commence to sucking!!! And when that freedom sauce shoots out your nose, that only thing you should be thinking is “God Bless America!!!!”

  • Steven Biggs says

    Mr. Cheney, sir, consider me schooled.