Geekshock September, 13th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #113 - Cheney vs. the Downs

Now normally we don’t cow tow to politics on the geekfest known as Geek Shock, but when Dick Cheney (voiced by the famous Paul) descends on the show like a 22 year old vampire with the Downs, then you know it’s gotta be good. That’s not all! You also get Ghostbusters UK, Top Gun 3D, Josephine smith 3D, Spielberg vs Lucas, Creature, bookflix, pentagon star, Descent of Thrones, Wii zzzz, Hannibal, Bucky Larson, the Gamestop tablet, 40 first Saints, Steambox, video game history, and more. So hide your children and for God’s sake STAY WAY FROM THE ABANDONED HOOTERS, it’s Geek Shock.

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  • Steven Biggs says

    Speaking of watching this movie before it’s made, that’s what the “Snow White and the Huntsman” panel was at Comic-Con. The producer actually said they didn’t have any clips or anything because they hadn’t started shooting but the movie would be out before next year’s Comic-Con so here they were. Having said that, Chris Hemsworth and my future ex-wife, Charlize Theron, were very charming and I got to watch the future ex own Kristen Stewart who really just needs to give her career to Kat Dennings and go home.

  • Steven Biggs says

    Left you all a couple of presents on the FB page. You’re welcome.