Geekshock September, 1st 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #111 - Paul Sars

Despite the labeling, this is turns out to be a News You Don’t Give a Sh*t About extravaganza. Sure. It seems fine at first, but as you strip away the layers, the ugly truth about this weeks geekdom comes out. I blame the cricket. Luckily, Barry has a pamphlet…

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  • Steven Biggs says

    Before I get into the body of this comment, let me say two things: on the Famous Paul’s recommendation, I got David Foster Wallace’s “Infinte Jest” on my nook (however, I believe there’s an ointment for that). Also, Master Torgo is a Godless Communist for not going out of his way to see “Sealab 2021”.

    And now, as predicted, this:

    So here’s the deal on “Smallville”; yes, it went on for at least 2, maybe 3, seasons too long but there were some individual episodes in those later years that made the wandering drivel kinda worth it, including the Justice Society and Legion of Superhero episodes. Would it have been nice to do more with those characters? Absolutely but they’re working within a TV budget and they apparently had to pay DC a licensing fee to use them. As a ratings grabber, it made since. As an ongoing storyline, too expensive.

    But I will also go on record saying that the first 3, maybe 4, seasons did a great job handling the young Clark Kent story. Did they bring Lois Lane in way too early? In hindsight, yes, but keep in mind, they probably thought they only had a 5, 7 tops, year run of the show. On a very positive note, it gave us that many more years of The woman I consider to be the best live action Lois Lane, Ms. Erica Durance. Would it have been nice to send young Clark (and Lois) to journalism school? You bet. I have no idea why this subplot was not pursued beyond Clark’s first year at Smallville Community College.

    If they were going to use Darkseid as the Big Bad for the last season, would it have been nice to do something with the character than make him somehow related to the smoke monster on “Lost”? Of course. Again, I’m guessing budget issues. It would have been nice of the creators to have a plan if the show continued to be successful.

    In fact, I would recommend that to anyone who creates a serialized TV show. Have a plan at the beginning for each successive year should you get renewed. By the same token, have season enders that can also act as series enders if your show gets cancelled and shoot some additional footage to tag on for your cliff-hanger if it gets renewed. In this way, you can actually end the show or keep it going. Watching “Alias” on DVD recently, it appears that this is what Mr. Abrams was able to do.

    So, yeah, a lot can be criticized about the handling of getting Clark to Superman, especially in the later seasons, but a lot of that can be explained by corporate politics and the desire on the CW’s part to keep a “hit” show on the air as long as possible. While I can’t agree with the vehemence the Famous Paul levels at this show, the jist of the criticism, I will concede, is somewhat valid.

    So there.

  • Steven Biggs says

    This just in, Barbara Gordon discusses DC’s New 52.