Geekshock July, 6th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #104 - River of Doom

Carol, spit that out! It’s time to talk week in geek. And let’s see what bits get spit to the floor… Well, there’s The Comic-Con DC Comics protest, Sleep – The Musical(!), BEPTE, Garth Movie, Mini-Marvels, Verizon sticks it to the everyman, Patriot Actrocities, South Korean tablet school, banner ads, doing the right thing, Stargate 2 & 3, Thor helmless, Casting Call Z, Rod’s story, He-Man (god help us), MovieWhoops, and Belly Button Critters. Like a Vulcan pinch to the groin, it’s time to get Geek Shocked! What!? nothin….

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  • Mark says

    Jesus! This is the greatest hits episode. I think I am going to drink every time there’s a callback to an earlier episode. That will be the ultimate Ugly Couch Show drinking game!

  • Sam says

    You realize the integrity of the Stargate series is going to come into question when one of the ancients shows up and says, “You’ve been doing WHAT with our postal system!?”

  • Master Torgo says

    Jezus. You’ll be trashed before we hit “Week in Geek”.