Geekshock June, 1st 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 100 - Douchebag and A**hole: The Musical!

Yes. It is episode 100. But it’s not a Geek Shock Wank Fest ™. No, no. There’s too muck news to talk about like the PSN debacle hits home, T&J onstage, more Riddick, less Wolvie, Kinect your Hogan, game insurance, the dirty Skyline, Call of Social Networks, maybe there IS a chart, Dali’s gold lament, Ichi: the Lawyer, Conan gots to get paid less, Superstuff, and Obama: Monster Hunter. That’s right folks. We’re in the triple digits now, so get out your pain stick; it’s time for a Geek Shock!

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  • Steven Biggs says

    Well, that made me pee my pants again. Here’s a great show done on a small budget by many of the peeps who did the movie. So popular it’s been extended again.


  • MaegicDude says

    Congrats guys, very well done. Funny stuff as usual. It took me 100 episodes to figure out that barry is a geek snob. he he. When do we get pics of just mike and captian K? are they permenant fixtures? looking forward to next 100 episodes. cheers, maegicdude and family.

  • Bleeg says

    Hey, I am very glad that you have finally figured out what video game development has done to me and my IQ….hahaha yes! A steady mix of booze and despair…You really should have a one of these brain dead developers on your show sometime. Hint, hint!