Episodes June, 6th 2009 by 80's Jeff

Episode 43

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Features reviews of Image Comics’ The Walking Dead, Warren Ellis’ Bad World, the new Wonder Woman 2009 animated movie on DVD and Blu-Ray, Sam Rami’s Drag Me To Hell in theaters, THQ’s WWE Legends of WrestleMania and SCEA’s Infamous.


  • Matthew says

    Hey, you guys are linked to from Richard Dawkins! How cool is that with, say, 0 being not cool at all and 10 being LINKED TO BY RICHARD DAWKINS!!!?

  • Charles Lobsterman says

    It’s obviously a 10. The singing, however, is NOT.

  • Torgo says

    As a huge Dawkins fan, I think it’s super cool! As Nigel Tufnel would say,”I’d give it an ’11’.”

  • Peter says

    Noyce job instantly getting a bunch of Atheist fans. :p

  • Mad Max says

    I love Richard Dawkins. w00t! Imagine No Religion…ahhh such a wonderful dream.