Episodes May, 16th 2009 by 80's Jeff

Episode 40

Together with our Special Guest, Darren Benjamin of Trekcast and The Away Team, “The Famous Paul” goes Trek Crazy for the new movie! This episode features reviews of the new Star Trek Movie toys from Playmates, the Mattel Radica 20Q Star Trek handheld game, the Star Trek Retro (Mego) Action Figures by Diamond Select Toys, Star Trek: The Original Series Classic Phaser from Diamond Select Toys, Star Trek: The Complete Animated Series on DVD, Star Trek Magazine from Titan Magazines and a special Q&A about the new movie with Special Guest “Trekspert” Darren.



  • Biggshow says

    Hey, kids,

    Check out this thread started by a flamer who is very quickly taken to task. I have a response in there which contains the current actual ages of the nuTrek actors.


    On a side note, did you ever do the “What’s in my mouth” with my special Xmas gift? I may have missed an episode while you were switching over.

    See y’all soon,


  • Master Torgo says

    Thank you for that link, Steve. I wish I saw it before the show. As for your special drink, It’s still on the line, but must be handled with care lest Paul react to it like the Yogurt Drink. Hope to see you soon, man.