Episodes May, 8th 2009 by 80's Jeff

Episode 39

Just in time for the new movie, our all Star Trek episode! This episode features reviews of How To Host A Mystery – Star Trek: The Next Generation edition, Star Trek: Voyages of Imagination by Jeff Ayers, IDW’s Star Trek: Countdown, IDW’s Star Trek: The Next Generation The Last Generation Myriad Universe, IDW’s Star Trek: Alien Spotlight, Tokyo Pop’s Star Trek Manga, Graphic Imaging Technology’s Star Trek: The Complete Comic Book Collection, Trekkies 2 on DVD, Star Trek: The Original Series – Season 1 Blu-Ray and Burger King’s Star Trek Movie Glasses and toys.



  • Glenn says

    New website looks good. Paul, I’m glad you finally got to use “ballicules”. I know you’ve been chomping at the bit for that one. Cheers.

  • Melanie says

    That was the most spectacularly nasty looking drink (and tasting, apparently). Bleeccchhh! Good show, though :)

  • admin says

    paul loves his ballicules. follow his twitter (and ours) and hopefully he’ll discuss his ballicules in further detail.