Geekshock July, 28th 2010 by Todd Bristow

CouchCast 60 - Comic-con in your LaserFace!

Comic-con is over for another year, but you can re-live the magic through this brand-spankalicious Couchcast. If you missed it, we take you on the grand tour of the Grand Con in all of it’s glory with such highlights as: Pen-face costumes, hot girls look at 80’s Jeff Twice(!), Guido the RPG, new Battleship crew, all Avengers assembled, geeks smell the glove, it turns out the Goonies ARE good enuff, getting hit by space rocks, Hamilton goes with Chuck (if she wants to live), more grim grinning ghosts, Keith Urban as Judge Dredd, Vader’s Bitchin’ Camaro, Nerds make saving throw vs. Phelps, H.G. Wells hates sci-fi, Brad Pitt vs. zombies, Year One kills Ghostbusters 3, purp-ray, and Battlestar minis. Plus the greatest list of all time….

10 Minor Star Wars Characters with Completely Unnecessary Backstories.

So join us for all of our pudding events. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Steve says

    Paul, You are a Godless Communist! “Marvel’s better than DC”. Bullshit.

    So there.

    See y’all next week,