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CouchCast 39 - ReTardis & Reman Noodles

Couchcast 39 is an obstinate, pretentious bitch, with a hints of oak and despair, and a black currant afterthought. Vernon Wilmer and the Dave-erator join us on the ugly couch to discuss the Edward Cullen ManPillow, Jaws remake in 3d, Roland Emmerich taking on Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series, Computer Engineer Barbie, girls with glasses, fang bangers, thought crimes and free speech on Xbox Live, upcoming Xbox 360 releases, Pac-Man, Blackstar, Natal, UK cinemas boycotting Alice in Wonderland, Dean Koontz, Kevin Smith vs. Southwest Airlines, Degrassi, Zombieland, Star Trek Online, Giles Aston, Doctor who’s (re)Tardis, Robot Unicorn Attack, Top Reman Noodles, and the Big List: Things We’ve Learned From Video Games!

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  • Vernon says

    Hilarious. Where are all the comments?