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CouchCast 27 - No Russian

CouchCast27 the crew discusses shooting people in an airport and other pros and cons of the supposedly controversial “No Russian” level of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, mass layoffs at EA and Pandemic studios, a kidnapper forcing his detainee to buy him a gaming console, why to buy a PS3, Jeff’s video technology snobbery, Stephen King’s next Dark Tower book, Buffy animated web comic voice casting, the fourth kind, Black Dynamite, Chocolate Giddy-Up, what’s the deal with the Olympics, why Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunter Academy are terrible awful shows, Torchwood may be coming back, Waters of Mars was excellent, the pros and cons of the new “V” series, buying a house from New Moon, and more.

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  • Brian says

    I’m a little late on this, just got around to listening to this couch cast(27). Good discussion. I haven’t played MW2 yet, so I can only speak to the fundamentals of the content and no specifics.

    Personally, I think game developers should be held more or less to the same standards that film makers are. Yes, it’s an interactive experience vs. a passive, but I’m not sure that when it comes to influencing behavior the result is much different. In the 70’s and 80’s Ozzy was blamed for people killing themselves or whatever. Watching movies that have scenes of school massacres was blamed for real-life actions. Heck, as a kid, after reading Encyclopedia Brown books, I thought I could start a neighborhood detective agency. I just don’t think video games are unique in their potential behavioral influence.

    I say, everyone should just think a little before they produce something. If it’s questionable and they still want to produce it, slap a warning label on it and call that good. You like (or at least aren’t bothered by ) that kind of stuff, buy it. If not, don’t buy it.


  • mastertorgo says

    Fine words, Brian. Fine Words. I also opened a failed Encyclopedia Brown business in my neighborhood. The only things we were hired to track down were the weeds in my mother’s garden. They were far to easy to find and too much work for Brown’s pricing scheme.