GeekBlog April, 8th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Star Wars the Musical (Circa Class of 96')

Your appreciation of this piece hinges on two criteria: (1) Your absolute knowledge of Star Wars and (2) Your absolute knowledge of musicals that were popular in the mid nineties.  If you are well versed in these two criteria, the following is comedy gold.  Like the new off-Broadway production of the Spiderman parody, It is a zero-budget, high school production with a lot of heart and talent.  Especially in the writing.  All I know about the prodution is that George Lucas shut down the production after three sold-out performances.  Pity. 

Click below to watch the show….

Follow the Vimeo links at the end of part one to see the rest of this production.  Bless the Internet.


Star Wars the Musical: Act 1, Part 1 from Funny Farm Films on Vimeo.

Courtesy of The Mary Sue



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