Geekshock October, 9th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock Rewind #2 - Star Trek: Our Experience


A promise made better. Here is the second of our Rewind Series where we make our (before now) unavailable first episodes dance before you, our loyal listener. Since we recieved many complaints that the first Rewind was too short (our early episodes were only thirty minutes long), I have combined episodes 2 and 3 into a single rewind. Since both episodes are about the last days of Star Trek: The Experince attraction in Las Vegas, they compliment each other well.

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  • Kommander K says

    Thanks again for the shout out. That speech started as a little gag I was running for the last week or two, and turned into a remarkable bit of sentiment in the toast. Too bad the Paramount film crew wasn’t around then.

    Ah, the good old days.

  • Professor Biggs says

    Speaking of the Voqha Mysteries, remember when the first Creation Con was coming in, we’d talked about actually doing a dinner theatre version of it but realized we didn’t have enough people who had done the improv dinner theatre schtick to make it work. I think it was going to take place at a Babel Conference.

  • warbirdguy says

    Love the “Experience” tribute/rewind. I’d like to hear more stories. Thanks All!