Geekshock May, 21st 2014 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock: Red Light/Green Light Special 2014

With all the new TV show announcements, how does one decide on what to watch? You call on the Geek Shock consultant crew, THAT’S WHO! T.F.Paul, 80’s Jeff, Torgo, Bonzo, and Captain Luddite throw their opinions around like yesterday’s pancake batter as to what newly announced shows deserve the go ahead or the chopping block.

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  • SactoMonkey says

    Ok… I am a Scoop… and have now been sucked into the Geek Shock fandom as well… FUCK YOU GUYS, FUCK YOU, You, You, and you… that guy is cool, aaaand fuck you…

    I am a HUGE Geek and love/loathe the show…


    • TFP says

      SactoMonkey! Thanks for following me back to home base here at the old Ugly Couch Show. Keep on scoopin’! -TFP

  • KommanderK says

    All right den, KommanderK, KEO of Station KUGS’s SighFie Channel here. (Takes puff from stogie, leans back in stupid expensive leather chair.) You fucks gimme indigestion, you know dat? One simple job, gimme a season of great SighFie entertainment, and I get a memo detailin’ a whine and cheese fest.

    Gettin’ right to it (Stogie puff.) This zombie thing, right? Reality show wit’ zombies — too redundant. Reality show are where the moneys at, but zombies are shamblin’ off to dat dustbin thats gots Westerns and Variety shows. Redlight.

  • KommanderK says

    Side note — Well done, Jeff? What the fuck you talkin’ about? Years ago yer mom was well done and all she made wuz you. I wuzn’t dere, but we all read your father’s blogpost about it. Good =/= Well Done. Proof? Two words, Hawk da Slayer.

    And Bonzo, or should I say BonzNo? Doesn’t move you? Go to 7-11 and inhale a Big bomb Burrito then chase it wit’ a Ben and Jerry’s Triple Scoop Sundae wit’ extra whipped cream. That’ll move you. Now start approvin’ shows you lazy fuck.

  • KommanderK says

    Killjoys. Whadda I gotta put Luddite in charge? Space Opera, what else says SighFie? Gimme some goddamn ships blowin’ each other up and call da pilots bounty hunters to bring in da Star Wars kids. Jezus, you’re artists, start thinkin’ like ’em.

  • KommanderK says

    Yeah, Famous, I agree, Taye Diggs, now that’s a goddamn actor. But Colm Meaney makes a convincing shit in Under Siege.

  • KommanderK says

    Hey, hey, where’ da green light for dis Vadjattack thing?? I fuckin’ love it! (Puffs hard on stogie.)

    President Blades in space? Are you fuckin’ shits listenin’ ta me?? Space! It’s in Space! Green Light that fucker and earn your goddamn pay!

  • KommanderK says

    Side Note you disloyal fucks, the Quest cast includes Star Trek: The Experience alum/hottie Bonnie Gordon (she was Star Fleet during last few months of the Experience’s run) so we’re showin’ some class and Green Lightin’.

  • dr vlarg says

    pax romana – red light
    Syfy can’t handle maturely a series where the villains (the church) are the protagonists, and they are a totally unsympathetic villain as well.

    town of the living dead – red light
    Paul is right; It sounds like Man Bites Dog. Too meta.

    clone – red light
    I liked this better when it was called 6th Day

    killjoys – green light
    We need a new Firefly.

    otherspace – red light
    You almost lost me at “Yahoo”, but you definitely lost me at “hijinks”.

    ronin – red light
    Japanese mystical samurai honor bullshit plus scifi medical experiment? Holy crap red light. Red light and stab the writer in the mouth.

    letter 44 – red light
    “President Blades”. Really? Goodbye. If you want detective stuff in the asteroid belt, read Leviathan Wakes.

    the quest – red light
    Yet another nerd-shaming show. It will not be done well.

    the whispers – red light
    children suck on tv, especially as protagonists. i’d rather see american horse story. or american whore story.

    marvel’s agent carter – green light
    if just for a vehicle to introduce more marvel characters, and fill in story.

    colony – red light
    Alien invasion and a family drama? Fuck this twice, and also fuck anyone associated with Lost. It also sounds a lot like Defiance, which is terrible.

  • stoicjohn says

    “Total Recall with a clone”? That would be The 6th Day.