Episodes April, 6th 2014 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock Animated Ep. 1 - Necrposy! (By Tom Head)

What can I say? I am flabbergasted at this. Big thanks to Tom Head for gracing us with his talent. Click below to go to Tom’s channel.

You can find Tom Head’s Youtube Channel here!



  • Tom Head(toon) says

    You’re more than welcome! Considering the hours of entertainment you guys have given me (and my daughter, now permanently warped thank you), this just felt right. I listen to other podcasts, and have often considered animating skits from them (and did, see the first vid on my channel), and then I thought, “Hey, my friend Kerstan has a podcast! I should be animating bits from that!” And like an accidental collision of peanut butter and chocolate, a whole greater than it’s parts was born in the form of Geek Shock Animated. (Was that last part too much?) You guys rock!

  • David Lapage says

    Very funny. Great job. Looking forward to more.