Geekshock April, 13th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 94 - Saga of the Red Dwarf

Ladies and gentlemen of the court. Here for your entertainment from the lands of Wakaka, His Highness is proud to present the comedy stylings and the feast of the Red Dwarf! But first a discussion of matter of import to the kingdom such as the GS Tablet, down with time-travel, eating Crow, Cage wins, Fatalities, porn in parliament, the loss of a Lawson, Anonymous part deux, Grammys, no death Warcraft, Star Flix, The Night the Net Went Down in Georgia, The Zod, and a Ghul. And of course the main attraction: The incredible Red Dwarf. Tickle with a feather and a treat comes dancing out!

If you want the Red Dwarf to answer your phone messages, Click Here(.MP3) to download!

MP3 Audio (.MP3)


  • MaegicDude says

    still waiting for my couch cast. gonna be a douzy. loved this last show. Paul and Barry gonna come to blows soon…let it be caught on video…haha. love you guys…peace out…maegicdude.

  • Master Torgo says

    Fret not, MaegicDude. Your show is one of the vid shows and is coming very soon.