Geekshock April, 1st 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 92 - Jeff Gets Upset

Finally, the show is up and next week we will be back to our regular Tuesday postings. Meanwhile…Look Out! Jeff’s gonna blow! Was it something I said(read)? You’ll have to find out. And while you are with us, get caught up on al the latest geek-foonery like our take on Sucker Punch, How not to write a cover letter, Spider-man: Bitch Slap the Dark, DN-uh-oh, Venezuelan Science, Assassin’s Job, Pet Food awesomeness, Duke Nukem-the joke, American Gods, The House of Starbucks, DC Nation, Laptop justice, Dark Knight Re-Rises, the MCP, Lois among us, Wynne, Game of Food Trucks, Chew, Fringe, Netflix, more X, and Nelson’s Experiment. Which one of these categories sets Jeff off? Can you guess? Compare notes and tune into this week’s Geek Shock.

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