Geekshock December, 22nd 2010 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 78 - Barry Gets Sad (Merry Christmas!!)

In this episode, Torgo slowly breaks Barry’s will to live, Jeff slowly tells the story to nowhere, and Kommander K quickly sums up Paul’s comedy in one sentence. Plus Santa drops off a sack of geek that just might make you cry. With stories to test your Christmas mettle such as Spiderman: Dark, The Madden Movie, Farmville for Dummies (no, really), GodStoria, Brit vs. Porn, Giger’s return, Sexnect, 2001+17, The closing of the Gate, Alias AKA Barry Robb, SYFY Universal, Dreammachine, power bill vs. Xbox, and more. Pour a double┬ánog for this one, you’re gonna need it…

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