Geekshock December, 1st 2010 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock 75 - Turn Off The Goram Dark, Already!

It’s a sad day in geekdom as we mourn the loss of two Hollywood greats, plus some woman in Spain is gonna make us all rent the sun. But OnLive is is coming out we’ve all been anxiously awaiting it, right? …right? Before a Duran gets your solar money we stuff you mind full of nerd info like Axl’s late to the party (again), another Buffy burp, the destruction of Drake, NASA secrets, Kim Jong Fat, Picasso in the garage, sexy Quiddich, Kirby vs. Marvel, Hordes of ratings, the death of the 5 year console cycle, and ending with the Big List: All the things that went wrong at the SPIDERMAN: Turn Off The Dark preview.

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