Geekshock August, 11th 2015 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #299 - Enterprise-XD

The oft mentioned Professor Biggs joins us as we talk about Fan4astic Fo4r, Star Trek Con, SuperDuperMan, Mace Windu’s force, Autograph help, Dirty DC, Space Dandy, old strip clubs, and the rules of Joker Poker. So it’s Banana club-ering time… for a Geek Shock!

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  • "Just" Michael says

    Still here guys. Listening as often as I can, catching a few episodes of ICS here and there as well. Working at Northside Ford in San Antonio. Need a vacation from all this crazy responsibility.
    I share the show with every nerd/geek/gamer/monkey that I talk to.
    I’ll get back to put my tip in as soon as I can. Keep shocking!

    The Just

  • dr vlarg says

    Alamo Drafthouse, the best theater chain ever, has a strict “no kids under 6, no cellphones, no disruptions or we will kick your ass out” policy, and they WILL do it. It’s wonderful. You should check out the wiki entry for them to see some of the cool events they put on. I took Deb to see the 30th anniversary of Conan the Barbarian there, and they showed all Conan related clips prior to the movie (including Conan the Librarian from UHF and Thundarr the Barbarian).

    Also, I’m sad I can’t be there for episode 300. You are all miserable asslords, DC sucks, wrestling is dumb, and Paul eats his own poop.