Geekshock October, 29th 2014 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #260 - Mary Shelly's Highway to Heaven

Halloween is soon upon us, but you’ll be more disturbed by us talking about Arrow love, more scary strippers, Schumacher wants a bat-over, Marvel’s Phase 3, Doctor Strangebatch, Krypton, Tywin’s End, the BFG, Frank and Phantom, Archie gets interesting, Bewitched better have my dinner, Bachelorsomething, Horrorstor, longform Scream, yogurt, Vertigo revamped, Twitch gets dressed, and console wars dumbth. So pay that phantom, it’s time for a Geek Shock!

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  • F. Andrew Taylor says

    This is what ran through my head when Paul said Oct. 27 was the first day of fall.

  • skoli says


    An hilarious new reality show where the recently deceased loved ones of unsuspecting ‘contestants’ are re-animated and sent back to the homes of their family. Hidden cameras then record the hi-jinks and just when you think it can’t get any funnier, show host Jamie Kennedy pops out declaring “You just got PRANKENSTEIN’ED!!!” The re-animated corpse is then set on fire and destroyed.

  • skoli says

    Uh, it’s Frankenstein’s MONSTER!

    Another reality show where contestants enter a local Comic Book shop and start repeatedly referring to Frankenstein’s Monster as just “Frankenstein” until they are corrected by resident neckbeards. The contestant who gets corrected the quickest wins.

  • skoli says


    It’s just Die-Hard only with a shitload of Frankenstein’s.

  • KommanderK says

    Green light for Prankensteined.

  • KommanderK says

    Green light Horror Store, shopping and horror a natural for the lady demographic. Why isn’t this on Lifetime?

  • KommanderK says

    Green light Scream tv — self aware American Horror Story?

  • KommanderK says

    Fact-check on Factcheck Andy, Carol Danvers has been Ms. Marvel for decades. She only assumed the Captain Marvel name in 2012.

    • Todd Bristow says

      You got Factensteined!