Geekshock July, 29th 2014 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #247 - Mad Max Tampax

Comic-Con news comes pouring in as we sift through the rubble and talk about Attack on Titan, Ant-Man exits, EA give free DRM, Weird Al tops the Charts, Age of Ultron tease, Evil Dead TV, Godzilla vs King Kong, Coulson comics, Mad Max Tampax, Locke & Key, Guardians of the Anime, Marvel Star Wars, The Last of Arya, Red Light/ Green Light, Sexually frustrated grasshoppers, Absolute Zero, Painkiller Jane, Man in the High Castle, Uncharted, You Damn Dirty Starfleet, Google Twitch, and Lizard Space Orgies. So burn those Con clothes, it’s time for a Geek Shock!

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  • Bunny says

    I really love Evil Dead, but what are the chances this is going to end up being Burn Notice but with Demons. Bruce Campbell is brilliant, but everyone saw a formula there, and there is definitely going to be a younger lead with Bruce acting as a grizzled veteran, followed by the innocuous bad-ass chick character.

  • Todd Bristow says

    Zombieland? Oh, Noes!

  • Bunny says

    Exactly, Todd, just like zombieland but with a crudely drawn out seasonal arch to tie it over.
    The Comic also has sorta done a… job… existing so there is meaterial there… I suppose. However, remember Sam Raimi has a track record on being slow about Evil Dead, I mean Evil Dead IV has been in talks for (virtually) ever, the show might just be another “yeah we really want to make this… when the time is right”. Big Fan of the show btw.

  • Bunny says

    ( sorry second thought) However, with the expanded lore they may also go for a “Sliders” route involving Bruce traveling time and dimensions to inevitably build a small party of fictional and historical figures to take on slightly more elaborate villains. But this is a vague speculation based on the Evil dead merchandise such as the games and comics. Food for thought

  • stoicjohn says

    I’m feeling like Howard the Duck made a comic book cameo during a meeting of meta-humans at Xavier’s school during one of the mutant registration act story lines.

  • Todd Bristow says

    Now, the Sliders take I can get more behind. I need you to IMMEDIATELY go to Hollywood and pitch this to Raimi. Keep Bob Tapert out of the room.

  • KommanderK says

    Green light on the Sliding Dead!

    Green Light on Edgar’s Sexually Frustrated Grasshoppers.

    Lastly, I can’t believe you had an episode where I was yearning for Fact Check to there to talk about Mason Reese — anything to derail Paul’s songs. Luddite, you are missed.