Geekshock June, 15th 2016 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #341 - Home Alone 5: Caught Jackin' It!

Let’s talk video games! and Parking! and…kid jokes?…again? We also talk about E3, Warcraft, Doom, Spec Ops: The Line, Voltron, More Passion, Zootopia, Game of Thrones, Paul Dini, Namor, American Scully, New Flash director, Alice, Rising Stars, Scarlet, Seveneves, Chaos Walking, Trunk Monkey, Malignant Man, and Mandrake the Magician. So, set your traps, it’s time for a Geek Shock.

If you want to join the Scoops Minecraft Server, email or message Torgo on Twitter @MasterTorgo

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  • Colonel John says

    Updated the wife’s laptop from W7 to 10. Didn’t lose any files, but there isn’t that much on the computer. Weird problems with the download and install. Basically had to start it and let it cook for almost a day and half. DSN line and house WiFi – maybe bandwidth or just an old processor from 2005 or so. W10 works fine on it for her games and videos so …
    Haven’t done the W8 frankenputer upgrade yet. That’s where all my graphics and professional writing/reference files are.