Geekshock November, 6th 2013 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #219 - Where The Buttknot Dwells

Kommander K and Factcheck Andy join us on this epic journey of a podcast as we talk about the debut of Christmapus, DnD the 5th, Ender’s Game, a return to Sleepaway Camp, jellyfish ice cream, Extra Life, Hourman, more Wolvie, a King’s trifecta, the SHIELD question, Star Blazers, Star Wars shenanigans, IT, Ubisoft comes to its senses, another Full House and the joys of Sizeism. So beware the return of Buttknot, Beware of Geek Shock!

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  • Chief Jman says

    awesome episode guys! a while ago i thought up a few names for uncatagorized news, “News you may or may not give a shit about” “News some one gives a fuck about” or “Good Ideas that died in the womb” and possibly even “Glappy Hour”

  • dr vlarg says

    Guys, the Full House thing was a hoax.

  • KommanderK says

    “Glappy Hour” We have to do something with that!

  • TFP says

    Glappy Hour FTW Jman!