Geekshock August, 28th 2013 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #203 - Farewell To The Just (Michael)


Verily, tonight was Just Michael’s last night on Geek Shock and once again we celebrate by doing absolutely nothing different (except drink better scotch). We also talk about Saint’s Row, One Hit Die, tapeworm weight loss, Avatar expanded universe, AfBat, Diablo 3 plus, Elder Scrolls online subscriptions, PS4 deja vu, Rambo TV, Fruit Brute (!), the Marvel Experience, The Simpsons Experience, and the Ghostbusting Penis Experience. So wave goodbye to Just Michael as we bring the full cast together for Geek Shock.

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  • Chief Jman says

    Farwell Michael of the Just, it always sad to see a classic of the couch leave. Great episode and halarious as always. i beat saints row 4 pc, great ending although my guns glitched so im replaying it, hapily, from the begining.