Geekshock August, 6th 2013 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #200 - Wiener Physics Are Out Of Control


This is it! The big 200th episode of Geek Shock where celebrate by doing absolutely nothing different (except drink better scotch). This week we talk about pieces of Snowpiercer, Expendables 3 goes Solo, the return of the living Akira, urine teeth, Foodles, The Search for Subtitles, a big spoonful of Jackson, Gad Kinison, Avatarded, Pacific Rim Fights Back, Cryptozoic’s Kickstarter Rescue, Sharknado, and the joys of hacking your neighbors toilet. Eckhardt, think about the future. It’s time for the next era of Geek Shock!

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  • Kommander K says

    Can’t state how disappointed I am to have missed this episode.

  • MaegicDude says

    Now thats the avengers movie I want to see. KK,you were missed bro. Cant believe its been 200 already. Lots of good times and crying laughter fits of joy. Good on ya dudes. Keep up the good work and thank you for lightening up my tedious life.


  • TFP says

    Thanks Dude! Our listeners and faithfull fans such as yourself are why we do it!

  • ryan knight says

    dear mr paul amazon uk has meet the feebles
    full uncut

  • Chief Jman says

    Grats guys!! great fucking episode as always,keep doing what you do, i cant wait until episode 420 to validate all the weed ive smoked to this show.

  • TFP says

    Thanks for the heads up Ryan! Thanks for the kind words J-man!