Geekshock May, 30th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #145 - Assfull Chaps



Warning: There are thing is this episode that you do NOT want to visualize.  But, if you can make your way past the Ghost Whores you will find a cornucopia of Geek News like the Slap & Tickle, the Yardsale, The G.I. Joe Sequel (now in glorious 3D), Lobo’s Journey to Mysterious Island 2, Mother May I Sleep With Clarice, Iron Man 3 Budgets, The Dark Knight Returns (to animation), the fall of Big Huge, Shadow of the Colossus, Diablo 3, Super Street Bundle, Comic-con zombies, more ads in games, and the Dewdriver.  Then you to can say “Mother may I sleep with _______ ”

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  • Kmuzu says

    I started thinking of things worse than chapped asshole. Maybe blood farts .. weeping hemorrhoids. Some kind a parasitical fish called, Anus Eels .. and that herpes you get by screwing someone who just screwed a dead person.

    The Peppermill and an old restaurant named Jo-Ells used to do the Elvis Sandwich. Oh the Truck-a-daro. But the Elvis Sandwich is really just modified Monte Cristo.

    Finish Diablo III .. It was very timid .. I accidentally killed Diablo .. I felt bad ..

    I just watch GoT on HBOGO. Why wait?

    Joss Whedon would kill Optimus Prime.

    Isn’t the Exorcist – really just a solo zombie?

    I worked for EA for a little bit .. it was like being in that movie Snatched … but with nerds.

    You know at the end of her life Ayn Rand took all the welfare, medicare and medicaid she could get her grubby hands on.

    One does not simply log into Diablo III.

    Monster Hunter Lego’s …hmmmm …

    Don’t fuck around with Succubus’ .. they kill you sexually in your sleep ..

    Great show .. just watch out for Succubus’ and just saw a preview of Abraham Lincoln – Vampire Slayer .. very good book.

  • Vlarg says

    The Satine Phoenix interview from Comic-Con 2011 got cut from our released footage because it was a bit disjointed and frankly wasn’t that entertaining to watch. It was VERY entertaining to be there doing it, and Satine is a great geek, but not all footage is good footage.

  • F. Andrew Taylor says

    Great. Googily. Moogily.
    All I said was “All chaps are ass-less. Otherwise they’d be pants.” I had no idea what i was unleashing.

  • KommanderK says

    That’s what you get for commenting recklessly Mr. I-know-what-pants-are! Naturally, we encourage you to keep doing so.