Geekshock April, 25th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #141 - The Worst Thing That Ever Happened


Nothing beats the heat like Godfather on Ice! This week we talk about Kiss Mini-Golf, King’s Island, Hulk Dush, Crown Crust Pizza, Saw Boat, Axe Cop, Gambitious, Kenny vs Spenny, cell carriers, Lobo, Super Boob Ball, Amazon tax and The Big List makes it’s triumphant return as SYFY announces it’s new “offerings”. Get ready to get scared by a door; it’s Geek Shock

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  • Evan says

    Hi guys! Great Geek Shock as always. Commander K, here is the link to the Jedi Council Presbyterian church thing. Good stuff. :)

    I’m off now to play Kinect Star Wars to dance, and hopefully join the Presbyterian Church with my mad midichlorian skillz! :)

  • F. Andrew Taylor says

    If you want one of your videos to go viral, start isolating the “What’s going in my mouth” segments and posting those.

  • Kommander K says

    Evan, you are important in good elephant!! Ratio tile, the wish power are together with you.