Geekshock April, 4th 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #138 - Virgin Orphan Eggs


Today we “crack” the mystery of Virgin Boy Eggs (if you have to ask, then you NEED to listen). We also delve into the Supercheck, Triplets, the real D&D, Geek & Sundry, Barker’s babies, more Burgundy, companion 7, Amazon Primed for PS3, the nature of DLC, Arizona is being dumb again, Sega stripped, Wii U-less, people read books (dammit), the joys of Allan, and the O.C.T. So tell your brother to pee in the pot, it’s time for a Geek Shock!

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  • Ryan lee says

    Great episode guys but as a fan from Arizona I need to set things right. You guys hit it on the head when you said it was a bunch of senior citizen transplants that are making these horrible decisions. Our (explitive) govenor is from California and our half witt sheriff Arpaijo is from Springfield Mass. Many of the people that vote in our elections don’t even live here year round but snowbird here in november just in time for elections. Paul is right, us native arizonans products of the babyboom generation will eventually take our state back and the blowhard transplants that are mucking up our local government will die from old age. Rest asured that we will fight our local government on behalf of all states affected until the power makes its way into the hands of true Arizonans. We love you guys in Arizona and like a cupcake ATM we will always be open for you and your podcast. Long live Geek Shock!

  • mastertorgo says

    Bless you Ryan for giving us the skinny on what is going on in the dryer state. Rest assured this comment will be read on a Geek Shock near you.

  • Professor Biggs says

    Re Supercheck: $135 would be about $2100 – 2200 today, so, yes, still shafted.