Geekshock February, 21st 2012 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #133 - Don't Worry, Be Glappy!


GLAPPY – (adj.). The mixed feelings you get when you see a movie/tv show/book/game that you didn’t really care for, but you are glad they made it anyway (the ‘meh’ that you care for). i.e.”I was really GLAPPY to see the Conan movie because even though I didn’t like it, I’ll probably never get to see another one in the theater.”

Today the Geek Shock crew add another important word to your geek vernacular. We also talk about the drudgery of the reboot, Taymor’s triumph, TF4, Pee Wee xxx, Twisted Metal: Spirit of Vengence, prime time Hannibal, John Carter: Princess of Mars, TMNT 3.0, and a slew of other deep nerd issues. So join us. You’ll be glappy you did!

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  • Professor Biggs says

    The first few minutes of this episode prove that The Famous Paul is, in fact, a Godless Communist. On a more serious note, the fact that they’re not telling the story that you want does not mean that the stories are inherently bad. This does not mean I’m behind every new comic. I feel that there has been a huge misstep in the Super titles (with the exception of Action). Superman as Starnger in a Strange Land only works for so long. They tried it in the 50s, in the late60s/early 70s, and now and it never really works because, as John Byrne figured out, Clark Kent is the real persona and was raised in the most functional family in the history of ever. I still say that “Aquaman”, “Swamp Thing”, “Animal Man” and “All Star Western” are among the best comics being produced today. So there.

  • Professor Biggs says

    OK, finished this one. You guys should be hailed by the Oxford English dictionary for inventing “glappy”. Just about peed myself. So be glappy about that.