Geekshock December, 14th 2011 by Todd Bristow

Geek Shock #123 - Kids.... Jack It!



Do you like butter? Sure we all do! Well…maybe not after this week’s….episode. We also go into Stan’s Annihilator, hours of White Knight, Psycho II.0, Who’s got game (Jeff apparently), Jerry Robinson, Myth-busted, Thor 2 (director 0), MW3+, Aja’s Horns, Oh, no! Kenny has 0 HP, AFRTS, Zhang zaps cancer, Paul whacks cancer, and Norway eats all the butter. Brace yourself, friends. For this over the top episode of Geek Shock!


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  • Steven Biggs says

    Will be in Vegas on Tues., the 27th, to defend the first 3, maybe 4, seasons of “Smallville” and say how the remaining seasons had moments of Superfan greatness. And he’ll be bringing Michael Caine with him.