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Fast and Fun Nerdy Theme Party Ideas


By Paul Mattingly

Most of us are strapped for cash and time these days but that doesn’t mean we don’t want to get together and cut loose. What you really need to get the good times jumping is a party. Not just any party, a Theme Party! Here are five easy party plans to give you an excuse to get the gang together any day of the week without breaking the bank.

1. The Harry Potter Weasley Wig Out!

As any real fan of Harry Potter knows the true star of the books is Ron Weasley. This party theme requires all of your guests to wear red wigs and dress up like Harry’s best buddy. Can you imagine? A whole house full of Ron Weasleys! Now that’s a recipe for real magic. For an added magical touch, serve ginger ale and gingerbread cookies in honor of Hogwarts favorite ginger wizard.
Sample party game: Encourage any ladies in attendance to dress up as Hermione and let the Weasleys play pin the wand on the mud blood.

2. The Skyrim Shout Out

Lets say your gang leans more towards video games. What better game to inspire a party than “The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. To best recreate the game’s frozen landscapes, hold the party in the kitchen with the freezer door open. If you can scatter some ice about the room all the better. Buy a small party platter of finger foods and let your guests “craft” their own hors‘dourves!
Sample party game: In the video game your character is able to “shout” spells at the top of their voice to cause magical effects. The Skyrim Shout Out drinking game is very simple. Two to Eighteen players all chug a beer at the same time. The first person to finish their drink and scream a magical incantation at the other players wins. Repeat this game until everyone has leveled up their blackout drunk skill. Watch out for arrows to the knee!

3. The “CHipS” Chip Chompathon

This party is for your hipster pals. Let them revel in the cool kitsch of 70’s prime time TV fare while devouring all manner of fried crisp potato and corn snacks. Simply throw in the DVD box set of “CHipS” and let Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox work their motorcycle cop magic. Serve nothing but chips, all mixed together, helter skelter in one giant bowl to evoke the scene of a terrible traffic accident. Extra party points are awarded if the police actually show up to your place during the soiree.
Sample party game: The Ponch Punch, Ponch Punch. Whenever Erik Estrada is on screen, all guests must begin drinking(punch is the preferred drink for this game). If the name of his character, Ponch is said aloud, all parties must try to punch each other in the ponch(the area just below the stomach and just above the crotch). Players get a point for every ponch they punch. If someone spits up their punch, from the punch in the ponch, they are out!

4. The Amusing Anime Affair

For all your otaku pals, here is a chance to get their noses out of the manga for a minute and party down at your pad! First, borrow some TVs and computer monitors so as to have as many different anime shows playing all around the house as you can. Serve up some Japanese candy and sodas. Nothing but sugary sweet things to eat and drink to keep the mood sweet. Ask that all of your guests dress up as the most obscure character from their favorite anime series. I mean really obscure, like three people in the world might have a slight notion as to what character they are portraying. Hold a cosplay contest where extra points are given to the most confusing and unrecognizable costume.
Sample party game: Kill yourself because no one came to your stupid anime party.

5. The Star Trek Social

J.J. Abrams re-imagined The Star Trek universe for a whole new generation of fans bringing a new sense of excitement and fun to the series. He also added tons of lens flare. For this party take every shade off of every lamp in your home, expose every bulb and bring in as many bright lights as you possibly can so that any time your guests turn their gaze from the blinding light they are still blinded by another light. If you see any shadows in your home, you are doing it wrong. In this illuminated atmosphere serve nothing but Jim Beam to your guests. No food. If someone wants a drink they have to say “Beam me up”. They get a double if they say “Beam me up, Jim”.
Sample party game: Make everyone empty their wallets into a hat and remind them that there is no currency in the utopian future of Gene Rodenberry’s imagination. Use this money to buy more booze. Or just play spin the bottle because it’s the only chance Star Trek fans have of getting kissed.

6. Magic the Gathering of the Juggalos

Get your collectable trading card game pals together with all your Insane Clown Posse homies and watch the fun unfurl. Play nothing but ICP loudly on your stereo while you cast spells and tap that mana late into the night. Don’t be surprised if you cast an instant and someone instantly gets stabbed.
Sample party game/ party drink: Try to play a round of Magic after all of your precious cards have been soaked in Fuego soda. Place a black lotus card at the bottom of your glass for a truly decadent treat!

7. The Steampunk Shindig

What is steam punk exactly? I’m not pretentious enough to know but your steampunk buddies will be more than happy to educate you. Make sure you have plenty of oil lamps, top hats and monocles and you are well on your way to steampunkatude.
Sample party game: Let your friends break all of the appliances in the house in search of as many gears and springs as they can find. Let them hot glue those to an old Speak n’ Spell, spray paint it gold and call it their “Time Eradicator” or some such bullshit.

8. The Twilight Fun Night

This one is for the fellas. Have all your guy pals gather at the local YMCA at the witching hour for a game of midnight basketball. In honor of the Twilight books, the game will be skins on skins. The only way to tell the teams apart will be the glitter body paint that Team Edward will have liberally applied to their chests. By the time it’s all over it may be difficult to tell who is on what team as constant close contact during the heated contest has caused the glistening paint to be shared between all of the players, streaking their rippling chests and backs like a kiss from the moonlight.
Sample party drinks: Sparkling cider, essence of man.

9. The Zombie Jamboree

Anyone can have a barbecue party. Why not surprise your guests with a barbecue party fit for the undead? Head to your local butcher shop and buy some brains. Sheep or pig will work just as well as cow. Have them throw in some livers, tongues and various other entrails for flair. When they lift the lid on your grill, your friends will be greeted by the smoldering remains of what appears to be an undead feast! Cover the whole mess in blood red barbecue sauce and serve up a frightening good time. Have some sick bags at the ready.
Sample party drink: Cherry Kool-Aid.

10. The Heroic Hang Out

This is an easy party to cater. Just order up some “hero” sandwiches! Throw on some “Batman the Animated Series” and set up the old X-men multiplayer arcade game and let your guests have a pissing contest over DC versus Marvel until someone finally proves Marvel is better. (Marvel is better.)
Sample Party Game: The two great superpowers we all wish for are flight and invisibility. This game combines both of those dreams. Have some of your friends put on capes and go to the roof. The rest stay on the ground and put on blindfolds. Now these newly “invisible” roof heroes will try to “fly” into the waiting arms of the people below who can no longer see them because they are “invisible”. For safety, make sure to play this party game at a friends house, not your own.

Have you got an idea for a fun theme party? Good for you, asshole.



  • Professor Biggs says

    Oh, Paul…everyone knows DC is where Legends live. ‘Nuf said.

  • skoli says

    11. The Human Centipede Party

    How well do you really know your friends? Well, throwing a party based on this underrated buddy-flick will definitely let you know. Dress code is diapers and towels. The only props you’ll need is a lab coat, Dieter Laser Brand sun glasses, and a couple dozen tubes of super glue.

    Sample Party Game/Snacks: ESSEN!!!!!