Episodes May, 17th 2012 by 80's Jeff

Episode 89 - Sweet Corny Idiots

Features reviews of the RetroDuo Portable System from Retro-Bit, Vornheim: The Complete City Kit by Zak S., The Laundry Files book series by Charles Stross, Kaboom! Comics’ Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, The Inheritance Trilogy book series by N.K. Jemisin and Attack The Block on DVD and Blu-ray.


  • MaegicDude says

    Well done again guys. Very good book recommendations. Both book series look like the kind that just might get me to take the time to read again, though i will see if they are published as books on tape so i cant listen while i work. Thanks again and the MaegicWife and Son are going back to Taiwan for the summer and will be bringing back some tasty goodies for the in your mouth segment in the fall. Bet you cant wait..lol.



  • M.A. Ludwig says

    We’re always looking for entertainment in the car, as we’re usually driving to things that are less than entertaining (school, doctor, etc.). In the ultimate act of geekdom, I extracted the audio segments from my favorite “What’s goin’ in my mouth” series and burned them to (3) disks that we play in the car. I tell you, we look forward to every trip, and are often a few minutes late from staying behind in the car to finish listening to the whole clip!!

    Thanks for making geekery so much flipping fun!

    Bob, Mel, & Richard (aka Rog’l)