Episodes May, 3rd 2012 by 80's Jeff

Episode 88 - Nerd Contagion

Features reviews of They Live on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download, The Rock-afire Explosion on DVD and digital download, The Famous Paul brings out yet another He-Man figure, The Horus Heresy book series, The Guided By Voices music and video collection, Black Gate Magazine and Master Torgo gets artsy with Perler Beads.


  • MaegicDude says

    Hey Guys, very cool episode. Really enjoyed all the latest and new stuff to check out. BTW, Commander K Looks nothing like what I pictured him in my mind from hearing him on Geek Shock. I think he will make a very fine substitution. I may have to find something at the Asian store to commemorate his taking up the challenge of the middle seat. Welcome Commander K and keep up the good work guys.


  • Skoli says

    @Torgo, read the Eisenhorn and Ravenor Trilogies by Dan Abnett. Awesome Imperial Inquisition stuff.

  • Kommander K says

    Thanks MaegicDude – I think! Unfortunately for me, I’m one of those actors who hates watching himself on screen, so I know I’m not I picture in my own mind! (Imagine the disappointment) But I’ll try not to disappoint the fans. Both of you.