Episodes April, 27th 2010 by Admin

Episode 66: Sin City Rollergirls

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The Force, Heatherface and Lisa Carr of the Sin City Rollergirls are our magical special guests on the Ugly Couch as we discuss roller derby, Blood on the Flat Track, Rollergirls, Knockout Knits, The Action Heroine’s Handbook, Collectible Pez, Spider-man toys, Star Wars toys, Starcraft,Squamscot Half and Half and Onion Ring mints.


  • Tara says

    Yay!!!ROllergirlS!!girls who skate quads and kick ass-SOLID!!!!!ima go the new new girl meeting as Tara Yofasof..or shall i go as Hella Bigbottom…hmmm…T, what happened to the spicy green peas????

  • The Force says

    Awesome show guys! Thanks so much for having us! I had a great time. I hope your fans liked the show. I didn’t realize how much of a geek I really was until I hung out with you guys, in that AWESOMELY decorated apartment ;-) I feel so nerdy saying this but, man I envy all that awesome stuff you have! Anyway, I hope we helped with more fans and look forward to more interest in our Roller Derby League from your show. It was awesome meeting you all. Best of luck for the UGLY COUCH!