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Episode 65 - All About Video Games

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Episode 65 Is all about Video Games! The boys are joined on the couch by nationally syndicated video game columnist Doug Elfman as we discuss The Ultimate Guide to Video Games, Video Game Art, Supercade, Dungeons and Dreamers, and our picks for the Top 3 Video Games of All Time and Why. Also, Crayon fruit juices and corn dog mints.

Doug Elfman’s video game column runs in daily newspapers from Hawaii to the Hamptons, Las Vegas, Boston, New Orleans, Memphis, Portland, Kansas City and newspapers across America. You can read his columns on www.thegamedork.com or follow him on twitter at @VegasAnonymous or @elfmonster.



  • Dennis says

    Awesome episode! My three favorite games of all time are; Metal Gear Solid on the playstation, The Street Fighter Series, and Diablo 2.

  • David Farrar says

    Great episode! I was surprised that some of your picks weren’t popular, mainstream classics. My favorite three would be Master of Magic, Sins of a Solar Empire, and Neverwinter Nights; but Diablo 2, Mario, and Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat are up there as well.

  • Spagnos says

    1. metal gear series
    2. doom
    3. all american race for the Atari xl

    Great show! follow your show from south america!