Episodes December, 15th 2009 by 80's Jeff

Episode 55 - Well Done Old Chum

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In this episode, Master Torgo and Dr. Vlarg are joined by Special Guests Chris Campagno and Norman Lundt from Role Playing Radio to review EA’s Brutal Legend, Looney Labs’ Monty Python Fluxx, Sony Computer Entertainment’s Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Big Trouble in Little China on DVD and Blu-ray and Second Skin on DVD.


  • Brian says

    Good show today, couch guys! Probably the best so far! Please tell me the What’s Going in Your Mouth Muppet has some significance that transcends my level of nerdyness, because I’m not really get’n it.


  • Mark Weitz says

    Episode 55! Good show guys…

  • Nohea says

    This was hilarious! I never watched this before but someone sent me this link! Im going to forward it on to my friends now, they will love the info on this show .. minus the chum!

  • Master Torgo says

    We’re glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for spreading the word. Admit it. You liked the chum.