Episodes December, 3rd 2009 by 80's Jeff

Episode 54 - Mutant Wabbit Season

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Features reviews of Trick ‘r Treat on DVD and Blu-ray, Caligula on DVD and Blu-ray, Me of Little Faith by Lewis Black, Parallel Worlds: A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions, and the Future of the Cosmos by Michio Kaku, Microprose’s X-COM: UFO Defense and Sourceforge.net’s The Ur-Quan Masters.


  • Daylan says

    I own Caligula as well. My band played a New Year’s Eve show and a band from NY played there as well. I let them crash in my living room, and when I got up to get something to drink, I saw them watching my copy of Caligula.

    One of them was crying. They were all in their 20’s.

  • Masonian says

    There I was, innocently watching the Ugly Couch show when i was assaulted by images of the Tonopah clown motel. Someone please scrub my eyes with a brillo pad. I’m gonna have nightmares forever.