Episodes June, 26th 2009 by Admin

Episode 45 - Butt Spree

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Butt Spree! This episode features reviews of Aksys Games’ Bit Trip Beat, Atlus’ The Dark Spire, Shonen Jump’s Death Note, Marvel’s X-Men: Messiah Complex, Shout Factory’s Asssscat! on DVD and Activision’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.


  • Tara Coleman says

    just saw assscat at ucb theatre in LA last month-incredible! may i borrow this disc???
    T-are you the key master?

  • Master Torgo says

    I am Vince. Vince Clortho, Key master of Gozer. Volgus Sildror, master of the Sabulia. Are you the Gatekeeper?