Episodes April, 19th 2009 by Dr. Vlarg

Episode 36

We begin our show with cool stuff from CES such as Wire Wraps at the Cambre’ booth and the FC Mobile Device at the INNEX booth. Then we feature reviews of Resident Evil: Degeneration on DVD and Blu-ray, Re-Cycle on DVD and Blu-ray, Capcom’s Resident Evil 4, the online choose-your-own-adventure, The Outbreak, Marvel’s Nova, and Alien Wars in Glasgow, Scotland.



  • JeCuCe says

    Hi guys, im from Sweden and i just love your show! Im watching the episodes backwards (as in starting from the latest, not rewinding =), and now im at 36, you are talking about this alien thing in glasgow (scotland?) and saying something about not many (2?) wathing from UK, so here i just wanted to make a point that even ppl from Sweden is watching =)
    regards and keep up the good work.

  • Master Torgo says

    Thanks for stopping by, Chris. BTW, shout out to Sweden for giving us the best horror film of last year, “Let the Right One In.” That Movie rocked our worlds!