Geekshock June, 18th 2009 by Admin

Couchcast 15 - Butthole Sauce

The couch boys give it back to McG for directing Terminator: Salvation and wasting all of our lives. Other topics include Star Trek porn, gold plated Wiis, video game fitness, and awesomely bogus Green Lantern Trailers.

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  • Evan says

    Hi guys!

    Here are a few links to articles that I think the video game you are referring in the coucast is..

    and the wikipedia one

    I wonder if MAME supports this one? Custom controller builders should have a good time!

    Thanks for the great shows!


    • admin says

      You found it! Awesome. See, if i had to time this week to finish the damn membership system, you’d have earned some couch potato points.