Geekshock August, 4th 2010 by Todd Bristow

Couchcast 61 - Smurfberry Vomit

What a rough week. Barry is down and out after eating some bad poo, so we make due without him. A week after Comic-Con and the news well runs dry. The good news anyway. But the S#%t news well runs freely and we’re all gonna get a big gulp. This week’s topics include Creation Star Trek Convention jerkitude, Transformers the MMO hates you and western civilization, The Outer Limits of MGM, a trip down memory lane for midwestern dark rides, liberal hate costs $40 a year, We Can Remember It For You Again (and more modernish), Panshake, Chocoball sets the record, Superman saves a family – FOR REAL, At The Mountains of Cameron, Johnny Five is a target, Lawyer Thing, (record) – 30 = fraud, a holiday for Civilization, those dark rides we talked about may have never existed, Wii kills corporations, and Bungie rage-kills rage-quitters.

Big List: Taglines to put you off a film.

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