Geekshock February, 10th 2010 by Admin

CouchCast 38 - Attack of the Sequels

It’s CouchCast 38: the Attack of the Sequels! We talk Confessions of a Super Hero, costumed characters on the Las Vegas strip, generous donations from our wonderful fanbase, Neil Gaiman, Doctor Who, celebrity tarot lounge, Ghostbusters 3, Bill Murray, Zombieland, Dethklok’s Mordhaus fountain from Metalocalpyse, the auction of props and costumes from Star Trek: the Experience, Daredevil reboot, Nick Fury, The Kingpin, Alan Moore, Watchmen, Zack Snyder, Sonic the Hedgehog, Gobots, Assassin’s Creed, Batman porn from Vivid, an Olivia Munn comic, Swollar, and The Big List is all about upcoming movie sequels!

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  • Evan Malik says

    Great show guys! Thanks for keeping me laughing while I was stuck doing housework! :)

    I hope I can get a few bucks saved up for the local auction of ST:TE. I just want something, a chair, whatever. Wife says we need other dumb stuff like food, a place to live, etc. C’mon whos priorities are out of wack here?

    Well I’m going to pre-order my Munn comic now in case they win the lawsuit!

    Thanks again,


  • Master Torgo says

    Thanks for tuning in, Evan. Always good to hear from you. Tell your wife that you should buy the Voyager. It’ll take care of all that ‘place to live’ jazz. I believe it even sleeps two.


  • David Farrar says

    Thanks for thanking me/making me look like an asshole on the air. That took so real skill to pull that off :).