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CouchCast 24 - Nerds Aplenty

CouchCast 24 is filled to the brim with funkalicious nerditude! Torgo, Vlarg, and 80sJeff are joined on the couch by the boys from Role Playing Radio (available on, Saturdays from 2 to 4). We discuss cybernetics, Xbox updates, Facebook, Twitter, the Microsoft Surface, Dungeons and Dragons, Monster Squad, Scary Movie 5, Band Hero, X-Men movies, Star Trek Online, zombie defense and more.

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  • Steve says

    My favorite Gamestop story was a few years back when the original Rock band came out. Now I was beyond excited for this game, I had preordered it 2 months in advance. when the day came, as is the case with most games I preorder, I had hoped to pick it up and play it at midnight. At about 5 till midnight I left to go to gamestop and as I drove by noticed that the store was a bit dark and there was a large cage blocking the doorway. I went straight to a nearby Wal-Mart where There were boxes to the ceiling and, like, 6 people in line 4 of which were there to pick up “Live Free and Die Hard” I grabed it and played it all night. The next day I picked up my preordered copy from Gamestop and walked over to Wal-Mart with my receipt from the previous night and made sure I had only paid for one copy.