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CouchCast 20 - Leave it to Torgo

CouchCast 20 is a cavalcade of contemporary geekery! We discuss the Star Trek, Dreamcast, latest box office numbers, Smallville, Take-Two’s settlement over Hot Coffee, East Press’ Mein Kampf manga, a Twilight corn maze in Utah, Rambo 5, The A-Team, The Hobbit movie, The Army in Second Life, browser-based Star Wars MMO, Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, and more.

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  • Steve says

    Knocked Up was not a romantic comedy. I think there’s an unwritten rule that romantic comedies have to be terrible but women will generally enjoy watching them.

    Oh no Rambo. A beast? Please tell me this is a joke. The last one was so good. It’s like they remade Rambo 2 but with this era’s numbness to traditional violence.

    Unfortunate fact about The Expendables, Jean Claude turned down the offer to be in the movie. God knows why. Maybe he’s just got too much work. Speaking of old action stars you guys might like this article

    Concerning that Twilight guy with the messed up head, I recently read a couple of quotes of his from interviews where he bashes the books and the author. It’s given me a new perspective on the guy.

    Is the new Smallville superman costume is trying to be Frank Castle?

    Good cast this week guys. Keep it up.