Geekshock August, 21st 2009 by Admin

CouchCast 17: movies, games and metal

In CouchCast 17, we talk about District 9, Twilight conventions, Dethklok and Mastodon on tour, Sony Playstation 3 price drop, Starcraft 2, Star Trek Online, Beatles Rock Band songs, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2, Final Destination 3D, Poltergeist remake rumors, Battlestar Galactica movie rumors, the Wolverine sequel, and other things of interest to geek-type people.

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  • Kyle says

    Hey! This podcast is effin’ awesome!

  • Steve says

    Nice! First time listener. I’m digging the nerd discussion, not enough like this on the web. I must, however, disagree on District 9. I didn’t dislike it by any means I just thought it was ok. It was great but turned into a cheesy action flick a bit too quickly. The main bad guy was a bit too 80’s villainish. Toward the end he could have been played by Sergeant Slaughter. There was actually a point where you see a guy pop out of a tower with a gattling gun and immediately get shot that could have been taken directly from Waterworld. Overall though, I’d give the movie a solid B.