GeekBlog July, 25th 2009 by Admin

Comic-Con Saturday: Interviews and Hangovers

It’s Saturday, and my head is killing me. A late night of drinking random booze in San Diego will do that.

We’re in the press line for Chuck. It’s pretty packed with reporters from SyFy, IGN, Access Hollywood and all them. The stars are interviewing well. We’ll have this footage up on Tuesday, most likely.

We kinda have to elbow out the other press guys. There’s some with dinky little handycams. Seriously, people?

We’ve also got a Fringe panel later, and we might stop by the steampunk meetup for some photo ops. Those guys always look cool.



  • AJ says

    It was great meeting you guys. Thanks for the button and the chat. I look forward to more episodes!


  • Master Torgo says

    Thank you AJ. It was great meeting you too.